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Wilderness Therapy Retreats exists to help people achieve meaningful change by utilizing an outdoor environment of adventure that allow you to re-discover and nurture Joy, Peace and Purpose in your daily life. We believe outdoor environments help build deep foundations that support healthy, sustainable, lives. Our programs are set across different outdoor locations throughout the United States. Many programs are locally based around DFW and others utilize iconic forested locations near State & National Parks throughout the US. All locations present ideal settings for our evidence-based outdoor behavioral healthcare.

Rediscover Your Path

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”

— John Muir

Wilderness Therapy Retreats assists people by helping incorporate the beauty and serenity of nature into the process of discovery.

Getting away from the noise and distractions in our modern world, you become unencumbered and able to engage in a process of personal discovery and introspection to find clarity and direction in your life. Led by licensed, caring clinicians and professional field staff, you receive personalized guidance to help ensure the best therapeutic experience available.

Our Programs & Services


These are small group events for people of all abilities to join us in the wilderness for discovery and growth 

Wilderness Events

A few times a year, we schedule special wilderness events geared for specific like-minded groups with similar goals. 

1-2 Day Intensive

Individual Intensive personalized one on one weekend w/ therapist and coaches to help you more quickly focus on your own personal growth.

Corporate & Group
Team Building

Customizable programs to help elevate your group and promote teamwork in your organization.

Walk & Talk

Being in nature has many therapeutic benefits so why not combine it with a therapy session for better results?

Wilderness/Nature Based
Therapy Training

Learn the basics of Nature-based therapy. Earn up to 30 CEU's.

FAQ's About Wilderness Therapy Retreats

Here are a few of the most common questions we get about our team, our approach and our programs.

Who is Wilderness Therapy Retreats, LLC (WTR)?

Here at WTR we all love nature and have a passion for sharing the benefits of reconnecting individuals with nature through numerous experiences. Our guides have a combination of experts in the field including Wilderness Therapists who are also licensed professional counselors, our Fly fishing, hiking, yoga and meditation guides are experienced and trained in their field. We are also trained in wilderness first aide.

Does Wilderness Therapy Work?

Nature-based therapies are supported by evidence- based research for preventive and healing medicine. A few of the many benefits include: boosting our immune system, decreasing harmful stress hormones and blood pressure , boosting mood, physical health, productivity, focus, attention and creativity.

Our therapists have worked in private practice and residential treatment centers and after training, personally experiencing and now conducting and teaching wilderness therapy and witnessing the powerful transformative benefits of nature-based therapies we have shifted our work to getting clients out of the office and supporting them in the natural world.


What Are The Physical Requirements For A Trip?

There is no minimum physical ability needed to attend any of our retreats. Trips can be modified to suit the abilities of individuals and groups. All that is required is good health, which means your doctor would approve of you going for a walk in the woods. Our trips are more mental than they are physical. Most likely you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone. We will encourage this but will also allow the option of choosing to opt out of challenge that may feel overwhelming.

What Should I Pack?

The packing/gear list are different depending on whether or not we camp or rent cabins. Each event will post a specific suggested packing list.

How Are Medical Emergencies Addressed?

WTR guides are medically trained for wilderness emergency scenarios. Based on the severity of the situation, your guide(s) will handle it accordingly. In most cases front country emergency services are nearby.

Are Dates Flexible?

Alternative dates from those on our website may be reserved for private groups or individuals, if available. Please contact us with your preferences and questions.

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