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Retreat: Courting Your Medicine

Retreat - September 25-29, 2024

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Retreat - Courting Your Medicine

A 3-Day Rite of Passage for Therapists, Leaders, Teachers and Healers

Find Your Scared Purpose

We are all here for a reason; we each have unique gifts that help us to live our purpose in the world. The core of these gifts is what we call “Soul Medicine.”

You may be a massage therapist, a Feldenkrais practitioner, a gestalt-trained psychotherapist, or a death doula, but these are not your Soul Medicine. Your Medicine is something deeper, more sacred, and often more hidden.

The trouble is most people never discover what their Soul Medicine is. Or if they know, they aren’t sure how to bring it into the world. They suffer the pain of feeling ungiven—their sacred fruits rotting on the tree. They get in their own way, trip over their shadow, get sidetracked with others’ expectations, or become lost in confusion, self-doubt, or fear.

“Courting Your Medicine” is designed for therapists and healers across the spectrum who have felt the initial whispers of a Soul Call and are prepared to embrace, embody, and manifest their healing gifts in the world. It is ideal for those who yearn to devote themselves fully and to serve genuinely and authentically (without neglecting their own needs). This journey invites participants to deepen their connection to their inner wisdom and to bring their unique contributions to those in need, fostering a balance between giving and self-care.

If You Will Allow It, This Training Can Change Your Life

Unlocking Your Inner Medicine

Embracing Imperfection and Clarity

Healing Power Dynamics

Crafting Your Soul Medicine Instructions

Breaking Free from Limiting Patterns

Utilizing Your Medicine for Good

Finding Your Soul Tribe

Inspiration and Radical Mischief

We will engage in Soul-centered work in nature, deep imagery, embodiment practices, mirroring, radical truth-telling, sacred theater, shadow work, journaling, art-making, and the spontaneous magic and awe of being human. We will use all these to lift the veil and glimpse, court, and embody our unique way of belonging to the world. In addition to the time together, we include personalized homework assignments, support between the two in-person gatherings, and culminating “ceremonies” to mark your initiation into your gifts.

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