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About Wilderness Retreats

What Are Wilderness Retreats?

Wilderness Retreats allow you a unique opportunity to step back from the daily grind and experience nature without distraction. This allows you a chance to experience the healing power of nature and tune into your deepest self. On every retreat we integrate Wilderness/Nature Based Therapy theory, tools and techniques that consciously incorporate nature into the process. On these retreats you may go on silent hikes, or wanders with intentions toward gratitude, resolving grief or with your inner child, inner critic or with only the intention of listening inward. Meditation and mindfulness in the woods or mindfulness through the ancient art of fly fishing are also a ways that we discover your inner wisdom. Other experiences may include talking to trees, sharing around the campfire and various sensory activities. Each retreat is specific to the topic or intention of the participants. On our over night retreats we also provide filling and nourishing meals. 

Remove Limitations

Programs and services by Wilderness Therapy Retreats are designed to help you remove negative limitations that you’ve learned that prevent you from achieving greater personal growth and emotional freedom. One of ways we facilitate this process in nature is through powerful metaphors that show up in the wild that aid you in exploring your inner wilderness. Time in the great outdoors reminds us of limitless possibilities and stimulates our mind, body and spirit.

Positive Health Impact

No longer just theory, current and abundant research demonstrates that spending time in nature has significant positive impact on our brain and supports the necessity of disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with yourself in a natural, relaxed setting. Many studies point in one direction: Nature is nice to have but it’s a have-to-have for physical health and cognitive function.

Each Wilderness Retreat that we plan will be customized around different areas of focus to allow attendees an opportunity to experience a sense of accomplishment by conquering the journey at hand. We hope that you will join us  on one soon.

A Few Benefits Of Wilderness Retreats

Are You Ready To Join Us?

Reach Out

We believe that everyone can benefit from a Wilderness Therapy Retreat. However, only you can decide if now is the best time for you to step in. If you think that it might be something that works well for you, then here are your next steps: 

Take a look at some of the planned retreats we have available and see which one feels like it could be most beneficial for you. Some are more “outdoorsey” than others. Whether you love sleeping in a tent or not, there is a program geared for your preferences. Each retreat lists the things you will need (gear) and what will be provided for you. Most importantly, reach out to us with any questions. We will be happy to answer any questions to help you can make the best decision your unique situation.

Upcoming Wilderness Retreats

FAQ's About Wilderness Therapy Retreats

Here are a few of the most common questions we get about our Wilderness Therapy Retreats.

Who is Wilderness Therapy Retreats, LLC (WTR)?

Here at WTR we all love nature and have a passion for sharing the benefits of reconnecting individuals with nature through numerous experiences. Our guides have a combination of experts in the field including Wilderness Therapists who are also licensed professional counselors, our Fly fishing, hiking, yoga and meditation guides are experienced and trained in their field. We are also trained in wilderness first aide.

Does Wilderness Therapy Work?

Nature-based therapies are supported by evidence- based research for preventive and healing medicine. A few of the many benefits include: boosting our immune system, decreasing harmful stress hormones and blood pressure , boosting mood, physical health, productivity, focus, attention and creativity.

Our therapists have worked in private practice and residential treatment centers and after training, personally experiencing and now conducting and teaching wilderness therapy and witnessing the powerful transformative benefits of nature-based therapies we have shifted our work to getting clients out of the office and supporting them in the natural world.


What Are The Physical Requirements For A Trip?

There is no minimum physical ability needed to attend any of our retreats. Trips can be modified to suit the abilities of individuals and groups. All that is required is good health, which means your doctor would approve of you going for a walk in the woods. Our trips are more mental than they are physical. Most likely you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone. We will encourage this but will also allow the option of choosing to opt out of challenge that may feel overwhelming.

What Should I Pack?

The packing/gear list are different depending on whether or not we camp or rent cabins. Each event will post a specific suggested packing list.

How Are Medical Emergencies Addressed?

WTR guides are medically trained for wilderness emergency scenarios. Based on the severity of the situation, your guide(s) will handle it accordingly. In most cases front country emergency services are nearby.

Are Dates Flexible?

Alternative dates from those on our website may be reserved for private groups or individuals, if available. Please contact us with your preferences and questions.

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Just leave us your name & contact information and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Leave Us A Message

Just leave us your name & contact information and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.